Buried Treasure: Americana part 3 – Famous Persons & Legends, part 1

Listening Guide

Part 1


The Works

Holiday Symphony: George Washington’s Birthday

Foster Gallery
Camptown Races

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming

Canebreak Jig

Swanee River

Camptown Variations

Old Black Joe and My Old Kentucky Home

Village Festival – Quadrilles and Waltzes

Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

Camptown Variation

Hymns – Where Is They Spirit Mary and The Angels Are Singing With Me

Variations On Comrades, Fill No Glass For Me and Kitty Bell

Camptown Variation

Oh, Susanna – Finale

Paul Bunyan: An Overture To A Legend

Suite From Pocahontas – Ballet Legend In One Act

John Smith and Rolf Lost In The Virginia Forest

Princes Pocahontas and Her Ladies

Torture of John Smith

Pavane, Farewell Pocahontas

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