Buried Treasure: Leroy Anderson – Memories Are Made Of This!

Listening Guide


The Works

Leroy Anderson

Horse & Buggy

A Trumpeter’s Lullaby

Song Of The Bells

Summer Skies


Sleigh Ride

The Pussy Foot (From Goldilocks)

Home Stretch

Blue Tango

Bugler’s Holiday

Sandpaper Ballet

Phantom Regiment

Lady In Waiting (Ballet Music)



Girl In Satin

The Typewriter

The Waltzing Cat

Plink, Plank, Plunk

Belle Of The Ball

Forgotten Dreams

China Doll

The Pennywhistle Song

Jazz Pizzicato

The Syncopated Clock

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  1. Most times you tell who the artist is so that we may purchase the albums we are interested in. In this Buried Treasure, you give no indication of the artist that I could hear, except for one where Leroy Anderson was on the piano. Could you at least give a comment which indicates the artists even if it is not one-to-one with the selections

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