Buried Treasure: Wagnerian Singers (1930s – 1960s) Tristan & Isolde Act 2

With Lew Smoley

The works

Scene 1

Flagstad, Branzell

Traubel, Thorborg

Baumer, Westenberger

“Dein Werk”

Varnay, Thebom

Nilsson, Hoffman


Nilsson, Ludwig

Scene 2 “Love Duet”

part 1

Nilsson, Windgassen

part 2

Vinay, Varnay, Malaniuk

Melchior, Traubel

Easton, Carron

part 3

Melchior, Flagstad

Baumer, Suthaus

Flagstad, Suthaus

part 1

part 2

part 3

“King Mark’s Lament”

part 1



part 2

List, Melchior

Hines, Svanholm

Hotter, Windgassen

Talvela, Windgassen

Frantz, Treptow


Frick, Suthaus

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