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  1. Hello Mr. Smoley,

    I do not know how to write you otherwise. I am interested in this interview with Victoria Bond, however, I am writing to thank you.

    I thank you most appreciatively for sharing your phenomenal encyclopedic knowledge and passion for the music of Gustav Mahler. I only recently have finally found your podcasts.,,and already it is now my favorite activity. You have enlightened my love of the music of Mahler even more than before, which was fanatic even before your guidance.

    You have opened so many layers of this music for me…and hundreds of others, I am sure.

    I now wish I had heard your wonderful listening guides before making my last two pilgrimages to hear Mahler at Carnegie Hall. In fact, I was there recently when the Berlin Philharmonic performed the Resurrection. I was thrilled beyond my ability to describe.

    I thank you as I salute you with deepest respect and appreciation.

    Floyd Vasquez
    Albuquerque NM
    (505) 254-0011

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