Opera Box: Another Three Tenors – Vickers pt. 1

With Lew Smoley & Howard Nevison



  1. I get the message:
    There was a problem downloading “Opera Box: Another Three Tenors – Vickers pt. 1”.
    The URL “http://www.classical podcasts.com/podpress_trac/feed/576/0/OB9 could not be found on the server.

    1. Dear Mr. Bartholomew,

      Have you resolved the problem? I assume you’re referring to download from I-tunes, since downloading from the website is not permitted. I’m afraid that I can’t help you regarding I-tunes. You would have to contact them.


      Lew Smoley

  2. Dear Mr. Vasquez,

    It was my guest, Howard Nevison, who said that he sang in Andrea Chewier. He is a baritone, and so did not sing the tenor title role.


    Lew Smoley

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