Symphony No.1 in D Major – Introduction

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Date(s) of Composition: 1884-1888; published 1899, revised 1906
Place of Composition: Kassel, Leipzig and Budapest
Premiere: 20 November 1889 in Budapest
Orchestration: 4 flutes (including piccolo), 4 oboes (including English horn), 4 clarinets in B, A and C (including bass clarinet in B and piccolo clarinet in E-flat), 3 bassoons (including contrabassoon), 7 horns, 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, bass tuba, timpani, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, tam-tam, harp and strings
Performers: Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, Leonard Bernstein
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  1. Your podcasts are excellent! – THANK YOU!!! However, is there any way of retrieveing older programmes e.g. Mahler’s Symphony 1-3
    Thanks for your reply,
    Klaus Peters

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