Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor – Introduction

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The Work

Date(s) of Composition: 1901-02; published by C. F. Peters (1904), revised edition, 1919.
Place of Composition: Maiernigg and Vienna
Premiere: Cologne, 18 October 1904.

Orchestration: 4 flutes (3rd and 4th double with piccolo); 3 oboes (3rd doubles with English horn); 3 clarinets (3rd doubled with bass clarinet); 3 bassoons (3rd doubles with contrabassoon); 6 horns; 4 trumpets; 3 trombones; tuba; 4 timpani; cymbals; bass drum; side drum; triangle; glockenspiel; tam-tam; woodblock; harp and strings.
Performers: Chicago Symphony under Georg Solti
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Movements: 5 movements organized in 3 parts as follows:
Part I
1. Trauermarsch
2. Stürmisch bewegt. Mit grösster Vehemenz
Part II
3. Scherzo: Kräftig, nicht zu schnell
Part III
4. Adagietto: Sehr langsam
5. Rondo-Finale: Allegro

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