Buried Treasure: Americana part 2 – Locales, part 3

Listening Guide

Part 3


The Works


Cecil Burleigh
Four Rocky Mountain Sketches
At Sunset

The Rapids

The Avalanche

Up The Canyon

A Western Set – From The Opera Lady Kate
Celebration Overture

Prairie Romance


Symphony No. 1 – Sante Fe Trail

Harbor Narrative
Sea Horizon

En Route

Voice Of The City


Men and Machines


Waterfront March

Outward Bound

Into The Distance

Songs Of The Southwest

Nights can be long in Texas
wider than a mare can cross.
Sometimes they never end, it seems,
till the great red thought bleeds blue.

Nights can be long in Texas.
The pinto knows his rider’s weight,
can stare a void longer.
The turning season dips green tint,
repeater rifle sunshine zeros in
as targets faint:
Horizon is defined by what it ain’t.

Mount-and-rider zigzag like a drop
of rain down a windowpane, and the sky
is made of corrugated tin on top.
Hoofs trot closer; I spur my horse
to meet the mirror of my youth, golden
with marigold, and tarnish of tumbleweed,
riding hard on a pony of painted wood.

The larger the space the slower the time.
Shadows dial day around spindles,
leaf by age, sheen after shine.
Here’s a land without beginning,
Fossils cozy among rocks,
And the mockingbird scissors
its cunning cry.
Loaded, this land gets high.

I once loved a body in such a pitch
look was touch, which was which?
Who separates the sky, dark from light?
Where day begins ends night
Nights can be long in Texas.

Andrew Oerke

Portraits Of Colorado – An American Symphony No. 1
Rocky Mountain Odyssey

The Sangre De Cristos

A Walk In The White Forest

Where Wild Horses Run

The Dance

Ranch In The Highlands

Sunset Over Longs Peak

Moment At Dawn

The Columbine’s Tribute

Mountain Odyssey, reprise with finale

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