Buried Treasure: English Art Songs – pt. 1

Listening Guide

With Lew Smoley


Charles Villiers Stanford
Songs Of The Sea, Drake’s Drum, Outward Bound, and O Devon

Songs of the Fleet: The Song of the Sou’wester

Songs of the Fleet: The Little Admiral

Maude Valerie White
So We’ll Go No More A-Roving

My Soul Is An Enchanted Boat

Queen Mary’s Song

Ethyl Smyth

Liza Lehmann
The Daisy Chain: If No One Ever Marries Me

The Daisy Chain: The Swing

Arthur Somervell
The Lovliest of Trees

When I Was One, And-Twenty

On The Idle Hill Of Summer

White In The Moon The Long Road Lies

Twilight Fancies

To The Queen Of My Heart

Love’s Philosophy

Vaughan Williams
Linden Lea

From Four Poems By Fredengond Shove: No. 4, The Water Mill


The Splendor Falls

From Serenade For Tenor, Horn, and String: Nocturne

Vaughan Williams
Silent Noon

Joy, Shipmate, Joy!

From Six Songs: Calm Is The Morn

From Twelve Humbert Wolfe Settings: Persephone

From Twelve Humbert Wolfe Settings: The Floral Bandit

Havergal Brian
From Three Songs: No. 3, Farewell

The Land of Dreams

The Night Piece

Love Is A Merry Game

Roger Quilter
It Was A Lover and His Lass

O Mistress Mine

Charlie Is My Darling

Music When Soft Voices Die

Love’s Philosophy

Love Calls Through The Summer Night

Graham Peel
The Early Morning

Thomas Dunhill
The Cloths of Heaven

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