Buried Treasure: English Art Songs – pt. 2

Listening Guide

With Lew Smoley


John Ireland
Sea Fever

Songs of the Wayfarer
When Daffodils Begin To Peer

I Will Walk On The Earth

When Lights Go Rolling ‘Round The Sky

Hope The Hornblower


Dear, Think Not That They Will Forget You

Individual Songs
If There Were Dreams To Sell

When I Am Dead, My Dearest

Great Things

From Mother and Child

The Garland


The Soldier

Rutland Boughton
The Coastwise Lights

Frank Bridge
Blow Out, You Bugles


Two Songs to Text By Tagore
Day After Day

Speak To Me, My Love!

Go Not, Happy Day

Ivor gurney
From Five Elizabethean Songs



Three Songs
On The Downs

The Latmian Shepherd

Lights Out

Percy Grainger
Sprig Of Thyme

Arnold Bax
A Lyke Wake

Slumber Song

The Song Of The Dagger

George Dyson
Three Songs

The Seekers


George Butterworth
From A Shropshire Lad
When I Was One and Twenty

Think No More, Lad

The Lads In Their Hundreds

Is My Team Ploughing

Bredon Hill

I Will Make You Brooches

Rebecca Clarke
The Aspidistra

Shy One

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs
The Bells

Beggar’s Song

Two Songs
Five Eyes

Jenny Jones

The Splendor Falls


Herbert Howells
Come Sing And Dance

Dorothy Hogben
The Shawl

Peter Warlock
The Curlew: I Cried When The Moon Was Murmuring To The Birds

Peter Warlock’s Fancy

From Peterisms: First Set

A Sad Song


The Cloths Of Heaven

Mr. Belloc’s Fancy

Go Not, Happy Day

Three Independent Songs
The Bachelor

Away To Twiver

Captain Stratton’s Fancy

My Own Country

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