Buried Treasure: Havergal Brian pt. 1

Listening Guide


The Works

Comedy Overture: Tinker’s Wedding

Fantastic Variations On An Old Rhyme

Con Moto E Espressione

Allegro Vivace

Part 5

Festal Dance

Songs, Op. 6
Sorrow Song

The Message


Comedy Overture: Doctor Merryheart

Variation 1: Whimsies and Sunshadows

Variation 2: Smiles and Storms

Variation 3: Dreams, Asleep In The Arms of Venus

Variation 4: Merryheart As A Chivalrous Knight Chases Bluebeard

Variation 5: Merryheart Fights a Dragon

Variation 6: Merryheart Leads A Procession of Heroes

Variation 7: Merryheart Awakes

Variation 8: The Dance of Merryheart

Piping Down The Valleys Wild

The Blossom

The Chimney Sweeper

The Fly

The Little Black Boy

Three Illuminations
The Boys and The Pastille


The Butterfly’s Waltz


Venus and A Bobby

Venus and A Bobby

Symphonic Variations On “Has Anybody Seen Kelly?”
Molto Allegro E Con Brio

Allegro Spiritoso, Più Lento Espressivo Molto

Allegro Spiritoso

Pomposo E Grave

Allegro Moderato

Andante Quasi Lento


Allegro Molto

Allegro Molto

The Tigers
Prologue: Scene II, Wild Horsemen

Act 2: Scene I, Midnight, Allegro Misterioso

Act 2: Scene I, Sir John! Sir John! Shall I Remember Thee In The Day of Battles

Act 2: Scene I, Sir John! Sir John! Look Upon Me and Know Me

>Act 2: Scene I, Sir John! Sir John! Lie Easy On Thy Bed

Act 2: Scene I, Sir John! Sir John!

Act 2: Scene V, My Lads! I Am Sorry To Say You Have Done Badly

Act 2: Scene V, Sergeant Major, Who Are These Men Under Arrest

Act 2: Scene V, My Lads, My Lads

Act 3: Scene II, Would You Be Good Enough To Direct Me To Mount Duresco

>Act 3: Scene IV, Call Out The Guard! Fire! Fire!

Act 3: Scene IV, I Don’t Understand This

Act 3: Scene IV, This Is The Worst Of All Nightmares

Act 3: Scene IV, Dear Pamel…Dear Sir John

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  1. Sun Oct 2, ’16
    I have enjoyed your podcasts for many sessions. What is the source of the excerpts from your latest posts – I notice you have not included them in your recent podcasts. I am interested in the Havergal Brian podcast.
    Best wishes, James Hill

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