Buried Treasure: Wagner Singers 1930s – 1960s, Gotterdammerung Act 2

With Lew Smoley

The Works

Hagen and Alberich

Hoffmann and Habich

Pechner and Ernster

Neidlinger and Greindl

Kelemen and Ridderbusch

Neidlinger and Frick

Hagen’s Call




Brunnhilde Accuses Siegfried

Schorr, Lawrence, Melchior, and Hoffmann

Brunnhilde and Siegfried swear and oath

Flagstad and Svanholm

Lorenz and Varnay

Brunnhilde acuses Siegfried and oaths

Nilsson, Windgassen, and Boehme

Revenge Trio

Leider, Janssen, Weber, and Schirp

Traubel, Janssen, and Ernster

Varnay, Greindl, and Uhde

Nilsson, Greindle, and Stewart

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