Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor – 5th Movement

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The Work

Tempo: Allegro. Allegro giocoso.
Principal Key: D major.
Time Signature: 2/2

Form: Although Mahler used the term Arondo in the title of this movement, its structure is hardly that of a traditional rondo. Some commentators consider the movement to be in sonata-form, but there are several reasons to doubt the efficacy of this viewpoint, one being the first appearance of an important theme in the development section. There have been other attempts to analyze the movement based upon key relationships and sectional organization. The most consistent feature of the movement is its contrast of homophonic and fugal elements. However, the rondo-like return of the opening motto, the special function of the Grand Chorale within the scheme of the movement and the frequent development sections, among other things, make any traditional analysis of this movement necessarily flawed.

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